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Technical University of Liberec


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The Technical University of Liberec (TUL) is located in the north of the Czech Republic, just 100 km from Prague and 300 km from Berlin. Students will benefit from the convenient location, allowing for cross-border projects with German and Polish institutes of higher education.

Since the founding in 1953, TUL has excelled in academic and scientific research. More than 7,000 students study at the seven faculties. More than 7% of the student population are international students.

TUL has created various initiatives to welcome international students in the community such as orientation week, the buddy system (partnering an international and a local student), and Czech language courses for foreigners. Students work in first-class laboratories and have access to the well-stocked university library. All study programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.

The residence halls offer international students affordable accommodation and have received several national awards. TUL provides outstanding opportunities for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Several alumni have represented the Czech Republic at the Olympic Games.

TUL alumni are highly sought after by national and international companies. With a focus on science, nanoparticles and nanofibers, top level textile engineering research, chameleon fabrics and smart fabrics with built-in optical fibres, The Nanospider™ – electrospinning, environmental remediation and protection with the help of nanotechnology, biomedical applications of nanofibers, and innovation for automotive industry, TUL is a leader in the field.

Liberec offers international students affordable housing and living costs making this a great place to study! The region is also a haven for tourists, skiers, lovers of nature, and history enthusiasts. With its multicultural population, Czech and German heritage, and rich history, Liberec is a thriving city with much to explore. You can navigate the city by foot or bicycle, or use the reliable and convenient public transportation system. The town offers a unique architectural and cultural cityscape – all located below the picturesque mountain of Ještěd!

TUL has adapted its research focus to meet the needs of local industries. Because of this, the university has strong ties to local companies, with an emphasis on the local environment and ecology.


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