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The European Wellness Aesthetic Academy (EWAA)

The European Wellness Aesthetic Academy (EWAA)

The European Wellness Aesthetic Academy (EWAA)



Bridging science and esthetics

In Bio-Regenerative Esthetics, the focus will be on how BioRegenerative Science can restore the natural condition of the integumentary (skin) system and its corresponding pathophysiology, the esthetic pharmacology of bio regeneration, pain management, esthetic dermatology and much more. The program is also designed to impart the requisite business management and entrepreneurship skills that are required for Estheticians to be able to successfully operate their business and even progress towards franchising.

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What is the industrial gap EWAA fills?

  • The grave lack of a Professional Academic Body which could serve the growth of Regenerative Science Practitioners.
  • The crucial gap lies in the Continuous Professional Education sphere for Regenerative Science development beyond conventional Science perception.
  • The inevitable fact that Regenerative Science the practice is growing at a commendable lightning pace leaving an abyss of unrecorded, unanalyzed, and an unrecognized plethora of knowledge.
  • The growing inquisition around Regenerative Science that ironically does not have a singular campus that ought to render the requisite scientific input and feedback both to the pre and post-delivery works of avid learners and practitioners who are steadily growing in momentum globally.

The Vision

To be recognized as a premier institution which will be a reference and a world standard developing, analyzing, evaluating, innovating by research and andragogical measures - the Sciences of Bio-Regenerative Science in Beauty and Esthetics.

Intentionally, Bio-Regenerative Sciences will be directed by this institution to extensively be inclusive in nature where the development of solutions and the sciences of the solutions are studied for clearly defined outcomes. This institution is also the desired institution for collaborations with the industry and other institutions which are Regenerative Science centric or believe in the capability of the solution in this field of science.

When you travel with us, you will ascend in the mastery of how you would execute the activity of client clerking, formulate the solution based on precision solutions for their esthetic goals and definitely become the leader in this industry with a qualification you will be proud to have. Besides that, you will also be incorporated into the ever-growing European Wellness (EW) International Group where the international scientific contribution is ever dynamic and will bring immense favorable returns to you as a practicing Bio-Renegerative Esthetician.


  • Lugano

    Lugano, Switzerland