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Autonomous University of Sinaloa

Autonomous University of Sinaloa

Autonomous University of Sinaloa


The Autonomous University of Sinaloa, although with various denominations in its 148 years of existence, has been a significant cultural and moral support for Sinaloa and northwestern Mexico.

It opened its doors as Liceo Rosales on May 5, 1873, by decree of the liberal governor Eustaquio Buelna. The gallery of its notable students, teachers, researchers and illustrious graduates is long: Eustaquio Buelna, Rafael Buelna Tenorio, Ruperto L. Paliza, Epitacio Osuna, Ramón Ponce de León, Bernardo J. Gastélum, Genaro Estrada, Solón Zabre Morell, Enrique Félix Castro, José Luis Ceceña Cervantes, among many others, had to do with this noble institution at different times in its history.

As Colegio Rosales, already in 1874 and following it was created as the most important higher educational institution in Sinaloa and the northwest. In 1918 it received autonomy for the first time, being the University of the West. In 1965 it was renamed the Autonomous University of Sinaloa.

The Autonomous University of Sinaloa currently constitutes a robust cultural space where the different expressions of universal thought coexist harmoniously. The cultivation of science, technology, and the humanities translate into progressively vigorous academic actions.


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