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University of Bayreuth MSc in Battery Materials and Technology
University of Bayreuth

MSc in Battery Materials and Technology

Bayreuth, Germany

4 Semesters


Full time

15 Jul 2023

Oct 2023

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* there are no tuition fees; in Germany, students at all higher education institutions pay a semester contribution; this payment - at the University of Bayreuth: about 110 EUR per semester - has nothing to do with tuition fees


Access to sustainable and renewable energy represents one of the great challenges in the 21st century. Therefore, electrochemical energy storage, in particular batteries, will be an essential tool for the future. The English-taught Master's degree program "Battery Materials and Technology" will prepare its students for these future challenges. It addresses central issues of energy storage in an interdisciplinary manner and focuses on questions like the efficiency and safety of new battery materials within a scientific orientation.

Why study "Battery Materials and Technology" (M.Sc.) in Bayreuth

Today, the University of Bayreuth belongs to the top group of young universities and occupies a top position in the worldwide ranking "100 under 50" of the Times Higher Education magazine. This ranking identifies the 100 best universities worldwide that were founded less than 50 years ago. As a small and fine campus university, the University does not focus on growth but concentrates on expanding its high-quality infrastructure. In doing so, the University of Bayreuth focuses on disciplinary and interdisciplinary priorities that allow it to be among the best internationally.

The "Battery Materials & Technology" degree program at the University of Bayreuth is unique in Germany. It benefits from the close connection to the "Bavarian Centre for Battery Technology" (BayBatt) where the University of Bayreuth is conducting intensive research from battery materials and analytics to intelligent, networked, and sustainable energy storage systems for the future.


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