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University of Cambridge - Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

University of Cambridge - Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

University of Cambridge - Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership


Why Cambridge?

Continuing education is all about you. Our goal is to bring Cambridge minds and ideas to you, to offer you learning experiences that excite, inspire and motivate you.

You can come for a day or a summer, and learn more about a subject that interests you, or you can enrol in a part-time programme that will challenge you to push your boundaries into new areas.

Our tutors are experts in their fields who understand the needs of adult and part-time learners. They are skilled at bringing learning to life, and you will find yourself learning, growing and achieving more than you expect.

We look forward to welcoming you to continuing your education with one of the world’s great universities.

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Professional development

Strengthen your professional skills and career prospects with a professional development course led by industry experts.

Choose from a wide range of subject areas, including coaching, international development, leadership, law, medicine and psychology.

Our courses have been developed with guidance and expertise from professional bodies and organisations, and with input from Cambridge University departments and academics.

Personal enrichment

Continuing education at Cambridge offers a vibrant and diverse array of subjects and courses for personal enrichment as well as professional development.

We offer short non-credit courses, residential and summer programmes, and part-time, award-bearing programmes ranging from Undergraduate Certificates through to part-time Master's degrees.

Courses take place throughout the year. Many are taught at our main campus, Madingley Hall; though we also offer some courses in central Cambridge, and online. Our flexible approach to learning makes the University of Cambridge accessible to everyone.


  • Madingley

    Institute of Continuing Education Madingley Hall, CB23 8AQ, Madingley