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University of Georgia - Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

University of Georgia - Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

University of Georgia - Franklin College of Arts and Sciences


The heart of UGA’s liberal arts learning environment, the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences provides instruction in every classical discipline and all branches of empirical inquiry. Critical thinking skills, from languages and literature to biological sciences, build the foundation for every profession as they empower students to be informed, engaged citizens.

The first classes were taught in 1801, and in 1806, the first permanent brick building was constructed and named Franklin College in honor of Benjamin Franklin. Today, that building is known as Old College and the research, scholarship and creative output by Franklin students and faculty in more than 80-degree programs set the pace for a dynamic learning environment at the state’s flagship institution.


Course Selection

Our 30 departments offer courses in a wide variety of careers and vocations, and our introductory courses fulfill the requirements to support all academic programs at UGA.

Credit Hours

Franklin College regularly produces nearly half of the total credit hours earned at the university.


Our faculty members offer instruction in 23 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, and more.


Franklin’s 30 programs, centers, and institutes leverage multidisciplinary expertise across the UGA campus to build research capacity and instructional opportunities.

Vision, Values, and Mission


Realizing the power of the liberal arts and sciences to shape global leadership and the greater good in a sustainable future.

Values and Mission

Franklin College educates the finest students from all backgrounds. We provide a rigorous and relevant education for a diverse range of students, expanding perspectives to build confidence and character as students engage the power of knowledge, preparing them for enduring contributions to Georgia and the world.

Franklin College cultivates creativity and engages the life of the mind. Instruction in a diversity of disciplines, the fine and performing arts alongside the traditional liberal arts and sciences, deepens our understanding of our world, our histories, and our cultures; drives critical thinking and empathy as a means of understanding the intricacies of nature and envisioning new systems and technologies; and enriches communities on campus, in the state of Georgia, and around the world.

Franklin College invests in research and instruction to understand and improve the world. Scholars in every discipline are shaping the future. Creativity and critical thinking fuel local, regional, and global solutions – and inform future generations with responsibility, generosity, and openness.

Franklin College improves our world. Our graduates engage a global mindset on the human scale, from rural communities to urban environments; our research has a direct impact on public policy and service to society; and our students and faculty contribute to local and global communities through service-learning and partnerships, gaining by giving, learning by participating.

Franklin College prepares the next generation of global leaders. We prepare UGA students with the knowledge and integrity needed for responsible state, national, and international leadership with the power of interdisciplinary expertise and the necessity of collaboration. Aligning pre-professional training with language instruction, area and ethnic studies, study abroad and international student exchange, and undergraduate research partnerships build lasting impact from the diverse national and international perspectives of our world-class faculty.


Broad Academic Programs

Today’s Franklin College comprises 30 departments in five divisions: Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and the Humanities. The top five most popular undergraduate majors at UGA—Biology, Psychology, English, Art, History—all are housed within Franklin College. In addition to educating more undergraduates than any college on campus, Franklin College offers 84 graduate degrees and certificates in 42 fields of study.

Majors and Degrees

The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences is the portal to an unforgettable collegiate experience. Students can choose from more than 80 undergraduate degree programs in 60 units.

Our Academic Units

Franklin College is the oldest, largest, and most academically diverse college at the University of Georgia. Our educational and research programs encompass the entire spectrum of disciplines in the arts, humanities, physical, mathematical, biological, and social sciences.

Faculty Recruitment

The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences ​offers a rigorous education for a diverse range of high-achieving students at UGA, which​ necessarily means attracting exceptional faculty from across the United States and the world.

To deepen our understanding of our world, our histories, and our cultures, the College invests in instruction in every discipline to ​foster a global mindset that is also attuned to the human scale. Our research has a direct impact on ​public policy and discourse. ​And our students and faculty contribute to local and global communities through service-learning and partnerships – gaining by giving, learning by participating.



  • Undergraduate: 9,542
  • Graduate/Professional : 1,842
  • Total: 11,384

Number of Faculty

  • 860 full-time;
  • 630 tenured or tenure-track.

    Campus Features

    Housed in newly renovated Rutherford Hall, the Franklin Residential College or the “FRC” is UGA’s first residential community. Unique to the FRC, a staff family resides in Rutherford who regularly host students in their homes for intellectual, social, and cultural events. Under the guidance of our Faculty Director, the FRC is a student-governed residence, modeled after residential colleges found at many Ivy League institutions to give the feel of a small college within a large university. Over nearly 20 years in existence, the FRC has become home to thousands of students, accepting a mix of first-year through senior undergraduates into the program each year. Students with any major or minor within the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences may apply to join the FRC.

    Events planned for 2021-22 include service projects, academic events, social gatherings, and the return of our Fall Break trip to Sapelo Island.

      Alumni Statistics


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