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University of Trento Master in Behavioral and Applied Economics (BEA)
University of Trento

Master in Behavioral and Applied Economics (BEA)

Trento, Italy

2 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 4,500 / per year *


* EU 340€-3400€ (fee range based on personal income and merit); Non-EU: 1000€-4500€ (fee range based on merit only, i.e. score in the application evaluation)


Specialized education in Economics. The Master's Degree (Laurea Magistrale) in Behavioural and Applied Economics (BEA) provides a solid education in Economics with the possibility to develop advanced competencies in Behavioural and Applied Economics, combining Behavioural and Applied Economics in one single path is a unique opportunity for:

  • Acquire empirical analysis tools integrated with skills in using large data sets to perform deep studies in a broad area of economics, from industrial organization to labor economics, public policy evaluation programs, data analytics, and big data.
  • Improve the predictive power of economic models by incorporating insights from psychology. Predictable deviations from rationality benchmarks (biases) are organized into theories that provide a better account of human behavior.

In this way, graduates are fully armed with the necessary background to carry out rigorous economic analysis in questions of interest for policy, business, and decision-making.

Within this program, theory and empirical methods are constantly engaged in a mutual dialogue and each teaching activity provides both aspects. Through this special learning, BEA students have the chance to apply their knowledge to reality and develop, inter alia, communications skills and independent assessment.

These skills are further strengthened through external activities, such as training placements or visiting periods in worldwide partner universities.




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