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University of Trento MSc in Computer Science
University of Trento

MSc in Computer Science

Trento, Italy

2 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 6,500 / per year *


* EU 340€-3400€ (fee range based on personal income and merit); Non-EU: 1000€-6500€ (fee range based on merit only, i.e. score in the application evaluation)


The Master of Science in Computer Science foresees the acquisition of knowledge, methodologies, and specialized computer technologies which will allow the graduate student to plan, design, develop, estimate, and manage complex innovative systems for the production, transmission, and processing of information.

The goal of the Master of Science in Computer Science is to train people to get to know the basic theoretical principles of the computer sciences, to be able to acquire specific knowledge in the macro-areas close to software technologies, systems and networks, multimedia, embedded systems, safety, and security engineering.

A strong drive toward Internationalization is one of the key factors that distinguish Computer Science at UniTrento: all Master's Degree courses are taught in English, 20% of our teaching staff comes from abroad and about 40% of the Master's Degree students are foreigners. The reason behind it is simple: to be a Computer Science professional today means to be confronted and to be working in a global market where the English language is fundamental. From the students’ point of view, taking part in an international environment from the start allows them to face global problems and cultural issues right from the beginning.

Program Overview

The Computer Science course at the University of Trento offers some specific features, that make it unique compared to similar courses of other Italian Universities; the standards of UniTrento Computer Science courses are comparable to the standards of prestigious European and worldwide universities.

A strong drive toward Internationalization is one of the key factors that distinguish Computer Science at UniTrento. The Computer Science course offers the opportunity to enter the Double Degree Programme in the frame of the EIT Digital Master School; the student will spend one year in Italy and one year at the Partner University and, at the end of the program, he/she will obtain two degrees recognized by both institutions and both countries.

The academic offer is organized into two curricula with different specialization areas:

Curriculum: “Computer Science and Technologies”


  • Computational Foundations
  • Data Science
  • Bioinformatics
  • Software and Service Architectures
  • Systems and Networks
  • Cyber Security

Curriculum: “ICT Innovation”


  • Cyber Security
  • Software and Service Architectures
  • Data Science
  • Embedded Systems
  • Finance Technology
  • Competitive Manufacturing
  • Human-Computer Interaction and Design




Program Outcome

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