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University of Verona Master's degree in Molecular and Medical Biotechnology
University of Verona

Master's degree in Molecular and Medical Biotechnology

Verona, Italy

2 Years


Full time, Part time

30 Mar 2024

Oct 2024

EUR 1,701 / per year *


* from € 1.071,01 to € 3.052,00 depending on the ISEEU


Molecular and medical biotechnology has enormous potential for developing new solutions to improve human health. Through the understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of diseases, biotechnology plays an essential role in developing drugs, vaccines, therapies, and diagnostic tests.

The Master’s degree in Molecular and Medical Biotechnology aims to produce skilled researchers in the field of molecular and cellular biotechnology who are capable of performing biomedical analyses, research, and development using experimental and computational approaches. These skills are developed through the study of cellular and molecular biology, genomics and diagnostics, pathology and pharmacology, and computational biology.

The postgraduate program, which includes an integrated laboratory course based on a current topic in biomedical research, provides students with a solid technical background highlighting the impact of laboratory research on human health. The degree has a single curriculum, but its flexible approach enables students to tailor the program to their own needs and interests.

This program - which is completely taught in English, allowing you to earn a degree that will be recognized in Italy and abroad, - welcomes international students, combining knowledge and experience from various cultural backgrounds.

Graduates will be prepared to enter the workforce in either the public or private sector or may choose to conduct their profession in consulting and design. Areas of possible employment include research and technological development for public bodies or in the industry (biotech, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, etc.); regulatory activities; the creation and management of biotechnology entities in the public and private sectors; performing directive, management and advisory functions in the pharmacological and biomedical fields; technical and scientific communication and information handling.

Applicants are expected to have basic knowledge and understanding of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. A good knowledge of English (at least European B1 level) is also required.

Supervisor: Prof. Alejandro Giorgetti

Degree program annual factsheet (SUA-CdS)

As part of the Quality Assurance system, complete, updated, and easily available information on objectives, study plans, resources used, and results achieved for each degree program is made available through the SUA-CdS - Scheda Unica Annuale del Corso di Studio (Degree program annual factsheet). This includes an Overview and three public sections (Learning Objectives, Student Experience, and Learning Outcomes) which together provide a wide range of information about each degree program. The SUA-CdS also contains an administrative section (Administration and Quality Management) that is for internal use only.

The Degree program annual factsheet (SUA-CdS), which is currently available only in Italian, is a valuable tool that can be used by the University to design, implement and reorganize, as well as to evaluate, each degree programme. However, the SUA-CdS factsheet is also useful for students, to help them choose the right program of study.



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