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Vilnius University Master in Sustainable Corporate Finance and Investments
Vilnius University

Master in Sustainable Corporate Finance and Investments

Vilnius, Lithuania

3 Semesters


Full time

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01 Sep 2024

EUR 4,450 / per year *


* application fee EUR 100


With the MSc Sustainable Corporate Finance & Investments programme, you will develop a range of advanced skills to help you manage challenges in the finance sector. Today, as well as in the future, managing sustainable finances is especially relevant. The finance sector needs leaders who are able to think and act in a strategic and innovative way while applying the insights and ideas required for sustainable business development.

In this programme, students will gain valuable knowledge and skills in financing sustainable business development, business optimisation, the application of modern financial technologies such as Blockchain/Fintech, sustainable investment and risk management, sustainable financial management and decision-making in business.

At VU Business School, we take a sincere interest in your professional development and growth. This MSc degree is tailored to ensure students develop the most relevant skills and knowledge for sustainable finance and investments. You will acquire practical, modern know-how of financial markets and investments while increasing your employability and empowering your career!

The programme produces:

  • Leaders who are brave and capable of building the future, who understand the importance of sustainable business operations and sustainable finance.
  • Leaders who are not afraid of change.
  • Leaders who actively apply sustainable innovations, as well as flexible and innovative approaches in companies, institutions or their businesses.

The Sustainable Corporate Finance&Investments programme is powered by NASDAQ.

Why choose this programme?

  • Study duration of only 1.5 years!
  • Teaching time: every two weeks on Thursday-Saturday (in the evening).
  • The programme is delivered entirely in English!
  • International and multicultural opportunities!
  • Improvements aligned with your job: this programme is a great opportunity for you to combine work with your studies. The studies also complement your work, allowing you to deepen your knowledge of possible sustainable financial and investment management solutions and the situations you will face in your work.
  • Opportunity to learn from the most successful: the core part of the programme’s faculty is made up of leaders in the financial sector, who are complemented by the best academics in the field of finance. The lecturers in the programme are experienced professionals from the world of finance, who are successfully climbing the career ladder in various financial fields.
  • Less talk, more work: the number of theoretical lectures in the Sustainable Corporate Finance and Investments study programme is minimal. During the studies, various situations from the real business sector are analysed, which reflect the latest changes in global and local business and finance. Students will apply their work experience and new knowledge by experimenting, developing projects, consulting and sharing their ideas.
  • The programme is taught by professionals from Lithuania and abroad

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