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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam M.Sc. in Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology (Research)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

M.Sc. in Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology (Research)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

2 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 2,314 / per year *


* EU students: €2,314 per year | non-EU students: €12,130 per year


Are you interested in scientific research on psychopathology? Looking for in-depth insights into the developmental origins of mental health and clinical presentation of disorders? Ready to unravel the effects of psychological treatment and prevention?

Then the Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology Research Master’s may be the program for you!

The program gives you the opportunity to work on theoretical and practical problems, through varied learning activities and settings. In a small-scale teaching environment, you’ll learn about the etiology, development, and course of psychopathology, as well as cutting-edge psychologically informed methods for its prevention and treatment.

The two-year Research Master’s in Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology provides you with the best possible preparation for a Ph.D. research position.

Ultimately, the research at VU Amsterdam aims to further the development and innovation of preventive and treatment methods, in order to reduce the personal suffering of patients with mental disorders. This Research Master’s gives you the opportunity to contribute to that fascinating and important goal. This Research Master's does not offer preparation for postdoctoral clinical training, the emphasis of this program is on scientific research. If you aim to pursue clinical postdoctoral training, you will need to do an independent clinical master's.

Excellent education

You’ll be taught by scientists who have all made unique contributions to the areas of research featured in the program. They enjoy international recognition as prominent researchers in diverse fields of developmental and clinical psychology and associated disciplines. All members of the teaching staff receive consistently excellent evaluations.

Education takes place on a small scale and is of the highest quality, with personal monitoring and mentoring. You’re assigned an individual mentor who will provide you with personal guidance and supervision. You’ll work on theoretical and practical problems through a series of seminars, practicals, research projects, presentations, and lectures – in individual, group, and tutored settings. By choosing your own elective courses and research projects, you’ll define your own direction or approach. Your tutor, who is a scientific leader in their research area, will introduce you to their research group and give you the feedback needed to become a successful scientist.

Internationally oriented

The program also has a strong international orientation. It is taught entirely in English, with the staff including highly respected international researchers, and you’ll be able to work on research projects with a strong international focus. Plus, you’ll learn how to conduct scientific and translational research on an international level and in an international context.


All Master’s degree programs of VU Amsterdam are accredited by NVAO (Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie), the accreditation organization of The Netherlands and Flanders.

NVAO is entrusted by law to accredit all existing bachelor’s and master’s degree courses and to validate new study programs at government-funded higher education institutions as well as institutions approved (but not funded) by the Dutch government.



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