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XMandarin Chinese Language Centre

XMandarin Chinese Language Centre

XMandarin Chinese Language Centre


Look around. Just outside the window are Qingdao’s red roofs and skyscrapers; in the distance, Mount Fu frames the neighborhood, located in the international heart of the city. You are in the 石老人classroom (Old Stone Man, a famous Qingdao landmark) at XMandarin: clean whiteboard, Chinese calligraphy on the wall, and a ticking clock. It’s time to learn Chinese.

The two most important things in any language class are the student and the teacher. All of our teachers are chosen according to their experience, professionalism, and ability. We require our teachers to speak standard Putonghua (普通话, official Mandarin Chinese) and English, have at least a Bachelor’s degree and 3000 hours of teaching experience. Even in the beginner classes, at least half of the class is in Chinese, to prepare students for the sea of Chinese out there. Our teachers are excellent because we know you need a great teacher to make learning Mandarin as easy, fun and smooth as possible.

Our students come from over 50 countries to live, play, work and study Chinese in Qingdao. Our school has a truly international community of all kinds of learners: we have part-time language courses, intensive Chinese study courses, HSK test prep courses, business Chinese classes, and summer courses. Diversity and flexibility are our strengths, with resources to help expatriates understand the Chinese social, business and political environment, as well as regulations and customs.

Welcome to the Central International Plaza, a 29 story blue building in a neighborhood of skyscrapers. Down 20 floors below the classrooms, enter Qingdao’s international city center. Within a 5 minute walk, you can find 2 shopping malls, multiple dance and yoga studios, bakeries, hair salons, Tea and Coffee shops, and about a dozen western restaurants, not to mention excellent Korean and Japanese food and of course Chinese food. Within a 15 minute walk, some of Qingdao’s most popular bars and clubs, the ocean (and lovely Marina City), movie theaters and other nice attractive place to enjoy your evenning.

We have easy access by bus, taxi and even better the metro :D

Our school is 20 years old, and over the years we have developed an excellent reputation and a large network of resources, in addition to our uniquely flexible curriculum development. Our students enjoy access to frequent extracurricular events such as Chinese KTV (Karaoke), dumpling making parties, painting, beach parties, barbeque, mountain treks, trips to the old town…


  • Qingdao

    Floor 20th, Building A, Central international (zhonghuan) Plaza, No. 19 zhangzhou Er Lu, (Bank of China’s uptairs), , Qingdao


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