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3 MA Programs in Online Degrees Literature African Literature 2024



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MA Programs in Online Degrees Literature African Literature

A master’s degree is an advanced post-secondary degree that comes after a bachelor’s degree but before a doctorate. This academic degree is often attained in preparation for a career in education, but is increasingly valued among other disciplines as an important symbol of achievement and a high level of specialized training. A master’s degree can also improve job outlook and earning potential.

What is an MA in African Literature? This is a degree attained following specialized study of the style, content, symbolism and cultural significance of the written word originating in Africa. Students gain high-level skills in theoretical analysis as relates to literature and to the products of African writers in particular. Coursework typically focuses on literary theory, comparative literature and advanced English concepts. Special focuses include literatures in African language as well as special courses in African culture, travel and society. Students leave equipped with sharpened comprehension and critical thinking skills.

The benefits of a master’s in African literature include the sense of personal accomplishment that comes with achieving an advanced degree. Moreover, employers tend to look favorably on applicants whose academic achievements reflect commitment and advanced knowledge.

The cost to obtain a master’s degree will depend on the school you attend, the specifics of its program and other individual factors. Call the school that interests you to learn more.

Degree recipients are equipped with an enhanced knowledge that’s particularly relevant in our increasingly global work force. Graduates may use their degree as a launch pad for further study and eventual careers in education. Or, they can directly enter the workforce as translators, international trade negotiators, or researchers. They may even work with nonprofit groups specializing in work with African communities.

As the job field becomes more competitive, employers increasingly look to advanced degrees to help them make employment decisions. Get your foot in the door. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.