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MA Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Communication

Many students decide to pursue an MA in Communication in order to gain a higher level of skills in a competitive field. This advanced degree is associated with a superior skill set of research and presentation in business communications.

What is an MA in Communication?  A Master of Arts in Communication is a postgraduate degree that provides students advanced research, writing, and presenting skills. Students will typically investigate topics based on a broad range of course subject matters that will apply their academic experience to their careers. Students learn the best methods to gather the data and present the applicable results in writing and in public speaking. The education students receive in the process of earning this degree readies them for a variety of business relations positions.

Courses such as strategy, organizational behavior, and information technologies offer several areas of concentration depending on a student’s career interests. Through research, organization of material, and presentation of results that use methods tailored toward the course subject and related career trajectory, students develop expertise that places them in the top ranks of their peers in the business communications fields.

The length of time it takes to complete coursework towards this advanced degree varies based on the different requirements of individual programs, and as a result the cost varies across institutions. Prospective students should check with each institution to get a clear vision of the cost in time and tuition required to complete the program.

The knowledge and experience gained is relevant to a variety of managerial communications fields, such as marketing, public relations, and organizational communications.  Students use their degrees to enter public relations for companies, becoming the public spokesperson for the organization. They may write or present responses to inquiries, answer media questions live, or craft information releases. Marketing opportunities also use communication skills; students use their research and presentation skills to create messages. Communicating messages effectively is needed in positions within organizations, as well.

Prospective students can find the right institution to pursue their degree by searching our extensive database of schools and compare coursework, location, and cost to their needs and career goals. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.