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MA Programs in Online Degrees History

Obtaining a Master of Arts in History degree is a great option for those looking to further study the globe’s great events, personalities, progressions and time periods. Earning an advanced history degree can help expedite a successful and profitable career as a teacher, professor, museum curator, historian, researcher or any number of related positions.

Just what is an MA in History? This advanced degree program helps students further develop their critical thinking, independent researching and writing skills in an effort to gain knowledge and advance their careers across a variety of disciplines. Students who successfully complete a Master of Arts in History program have the educational foundation necessary for pursuing independent research projects, analyzing historical documents and arguments, creating bibliographies from an assortment of different resources and mediums and writing essays, research papers and book reviews with historical focuses.

Students who effectively complete an MA in History program are generally able to command higher salaries than their less-educated competitors, as well as take on higher education positions within this competitive industry.

The cost of a MA program in History varies based on a number of factors, such as geographic location, the length of the course taken and the school through which the program is offered.

Advanced history degree holders are prepared for employment in a wide variety of sectors, including, but not limited to, education, government service, preservation and museum and archive management. Graduates of History MA programs are also prepared to take on additional degree work in history, law, business and other related fields.

Students interested in pursuing an MA in History have an abundance of options, both educationally and geographically. To further explore these options online and find out more about the wide variety of programs that exist for master students, utilize our extensive database and take that next step toward obtaining an advanced degree. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.