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23 MA Programs in Online Degrees Humanities 2024



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MA Programs in Online Degrees Humanities

A Master of Arts is a degree often used up as a follow up to a Bachelor of Arts. This graduate program can focus on any area of study but usually applies to areas in the humanities, social sciences or arts.

What is an MA in Humanities? This graduate degree focuses on a combination of culture, art history, philosophy, religion and literature. Students may be able to design a specialized focus or take a broader look at the humanities. Courses within this program often combine research, lectures, discussions and projects. The required courses for an MA in Humanities can vary from one university to the next but may include European and world history, interdisciplinary approaches to arts and humanities, practices of art history, religions of the world, history of materials and techniques and masterpieces of literature.

This education can help students develop their critical thinking, creative thinking and cultural awareness. Being more culturally aware can allow graduates to live and work around the world. Creative and critical thinking prepares people to find innovative solutions to difficult professional and personal situations.

There are a lot of variables associated with the cost of an MA in Humanities. For example, a student who finishes in one year may pay less than a student who finishes in two. Applicants can learn more by contacting the schools they hope to attend.

This broad look at humanities can prepare students to enter the world of history, art, literature or design. Graduates have used this education to launch a variety of careers, including museum curator, fashion designer, historian, writer, professor, newspaper editor, photographer, archivist, human resource specialist, interpreter and travel guide. The research and learning skills gained may prepare a scholar for further education.

Universities around the world may offer online or on-campus courses for an MA in Humanities. To learn more or apply, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.