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11 MA Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Media Multimedia 2024



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MA Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Media Multimedia

To advance in a particular field, it is often advantageous to pursue a graduate degree, such as the MA or Master of Arts. These programs typically allow students to deepen their knowledge in a particular subject, usually within the humanities and social sciences.

What is an MA in Multimedia? In its broadest scope, this degree can help prepare students to work with a variety of media including print, television, radio, film, graphic design, photography, and animation. Included in the program may be both learning how to communicate across these different platforms as well as how to actually produce the content. Courses such as marketing or psychology, with respect to communication, may also be part of the curriculum. In addition, it may be possible to specialize in a particular area such as communication, journalism, or production.

The ability to use multimedia is now a necessary skill even at the management level. Enhanced communication skills in general can help job candidates throughout their career from the outset at the job interview to performing day to day in a corporate setting. One’s ability to think critically can also be honed, as one decides the pertinent information to be included in the media presentation.

There are several things to consider when choosing a Master of Arts program, including costs differences between schools and the time it takes to complete the degree. It’s a good idea for students to review each one carefully to make sure that it matches their needs and budget.

The careers open to someone with an MA in Multimedia likely depend on whether the individual chose to specialize in production or another area such as journalism. Journalism specialists can find work as reporters or correspondents, full-time or as freelancers, with newspapers, magazines, and television and radio stations. Public relations firms and corporate communications departments may also hire researchers and communication specialists. All typically have need for editors, graphic designers, and multimedia production experts.

MA programs may be available all over the world, including online, so be sure to consider how the courses offered and costs involved are a good match. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.