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88 MA Programs in Performing Arts Music 2024



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MA Programs in Performing Arts Music

The Master of Arts degree is an opportunity for students to continue with their course of study. However, this advanced degree offers more than was expected from a bachelor’s degree. An MA program generally provides more individual direction, ongoing multidisciplinary exposure, the opportunity to focus more directly on a subject, and a more rigorous course of academic study. An MA in Music is full of potential opportunities for the serious student.

What is an MA in Music? This program is typically available to those undergraduates who have demonstrated excellent musical skills and a maturity of music appreciation. Courses will provide support for these students to further develop as creative and/or performing artists. Depending upon the students’ interests, classes may focus on solo instruments, classical composers and techniques, voice studies, compositional techniques, and a wide range of musical influence.

The world of professional music is highly competitive. Graduates from the MA in Music program will have opportunities that other students will lack. With individualized instruction, access to talented faculty, and many opportunities for performance, students in this master’s program can enjoy further enhancing their musical talents.

There are many costs associated with pursuing an MA in Music. However, these costs vary from one school to another and from one country to another. Students may contact schools directly in order to obtain specific information.

Many graduates of the MA in Music program intend to seek a career as a professional musician. Others choose to find jobs in the education sector or look for careers as composers. They are typically able to find jobs within the media, culture, and education industries. Some students already have satisfying careers and pursue this advanced degree to supplement their existing skills. In all cases, a master’s degree offers a legitimate means to further career development and the enhancement of current talent and experience.

Prospective students can find information about the different schools and programs available to them by browsing our extensive database of program listings. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.