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26 Master Programs in Social Sciences Area studies American Studies 2024



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Master Programs in Social Sciences Area studies American Studies

A Masters in American Studies is an interdisciplinary university course that deals in American civilization. The program has evolved over time, from the traditional units that only touched on the history of America, the American culture and literature to modern times where other classes have been included; such as African American studies, Asian American studies, law, political science and other cultures as well. Since the American history is among the richest histories, with a variety of people living in the country, it makes the American studies program one of the most diversified programs offered in the universities. Making a choice on which area of interest is harder as there are so many classes available and therefore, the student’s intellectual interest and career goals will have to carry the day.

The American studies have enthusiasts outside the United States that can rival the ones in the country. America continues to be the most powerful country economically, politically and military-wise. The American policies and culture are the most influential factors in the world today with most countries seeing America as their role model. Everyone wants to work and live in the United States. There is no better way to get ahead of all the rest than taking a Masters program in American studies to understand what makes the country tick. Most universities across the globe are offering this masters degree and the opportunities for work in America, the world’s largest economy, couldn't be more available.