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Master Programs in Austria

Austria is located in the heart of Europe. Its dynamic cities feature glittering palaces, classical music concerts, a metropolitan feel, and also a young, vibrant population. With the Alps nearby, there is also beautiful scenery and outdoor activities for the more adventurous. Austria is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and has a very high standard of living. Its cities are clean and its people are friendly and helpful. These reasons, in addition to the excellent educational institutions, make taking a Masters degree in Austria program a popular choice for many students. Birthplace of some of the most famous musicians and inventors of all time, Austria has long been known for its ability to develop thinkers and foster talent. With names like Wolfgang Mozart, Nikola Tesla, Joseph Haydn and Joseph Pulitzer on the list of people Austria produced, the country has a long history of excellence. Today, Austria remains a center for art and culture in Europe. Those interested in pursuing a Masters degree in Austria will be studying in the same halls that once housed these great artists and thinkers.

Higher education study has always come with extra benefits of foreign culture immersion as well as learning new perspectives that don’t always exist at home. Austria is one location that provides a crossroads to Europe as well as some of the finest and oldest higher learning institutions on the continent. Austria's higher education institutions are broken down into five categories. Universities offer Masters degrees in a range of fields. Universities of the arts are specific to those studying arts of all types. Private universities are harder to get into and offer specialized education. University colleges of teacher education and universities of applied science are tailored to students looking for specific professional fields.

The university system in Austria is broken into three cycles. The first cycle, or undergraduate studies, is equivalent to the bachelor's degree program found in other systems. The master's studies is the second cycle. Those interested in pursuing a Masters degree in Austria must have a relevant Bachelors or equivalent degree in order to apply. Also, students will need to be able to converse in German or English, depending on the course they choose, as these are the two languages required for universities in Austria.

Because Austrian universities are often state-funded, the cost for Bachelors and Masters degrees is often significantly less than the cost for programs in the UK, United States and Australia. Tuition will vary depending on the university you chose and the program you wish to pursue, but a wide range of grants, fellowships and scholarships are available.

A Masters degree allows students to gain more knowledge of the subject area of their choice. The course of study can last one to two years. While studying, students may also be able to participate in research programs or internships to gain valuable, hands-on experience in the field they are studying. With a Masters degree, students are able to enter the job market with greater qualifications, or they can continue to the third tier of the Austrian university system, the doctoral degree.

Austria's central location means numerous job opportunities for those who complete their Masters degree at an Austrian university. Within Austria itself, employers like BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Telstra and Woolworths are always on the lookout for qualified individuals. In Austria finance is one of the strongest industries.

If you are an international student interested in earning a Masters degree in Austria, you will need to apply for your student visa well before you wish to travel. You will also need to pack, find a place to live and arrange for your travel to Austria. However, before you do all of that, you will need to find the right university. Use the options below or our search box to locate Master programs in Austria so you can find the right university to match your interests and needs.