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35 Master Programs in Design Studies Media Design Game Design 2024



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Master Programs in Design Studies Media Design Game Design

For people who love games and who would love to make a career out of the production and the distribution of games, there is no better master degree to get enrolled in other than a masters degree in game design. This masters program focuses on the professionalism of the gaming world. Creativity is part of the program and hence the reason why the program calls for people who have a passion for the production of games. The gaming industry has grown over the years and presently, it is a multi-billion dollar industry with fierce competition globally. This calls for graduates who are not only bright enough but who are ready to face the real world and to compete favorably in it.

A master in game design is expected to hone their skills set while undertaking the program, have the ability to make informed decisions, be ready for the fast pace in the market and to be up to date as far as gaming technology is concerned. Securing a job as a graduate of this masters program is not easy. The job market requires people with a high skills set that is gained out of thorough training and experience. The masters program is being offered online by a number of universities; therefore, the accessibility of the program is on the increase.

Some of the skills that a master of game design should have include: ability to manage project teams, develop marketing campaigns and deal with logistics problems that may face the distribution of the product. Some of the illustrious career titles that await a graduate of this masters program include: producer, art director, animator, storyboard artist, level designer, creative designer, and lead game designer.