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47 Master Programs in Social Sciences Political Science International Politics 2024



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Master Programs in Social Sciences Political Science International Politics

With present day international politics continually facing new problems and challenges, the study of international politics offers students a unique opportunity to learn about the various problems that face the world. These problems include: terrorism, poverty, human rights, conflicts, displacement, economic development and global environments. Students enrolling in the masters program have an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the global problems, their origin and the structures that have been put in place to try and solve the problems. The students have an opportunity to examine and critically evaluate the contemporary world issues.

The masters degree in international politics focuses on the study of global policies, policy-making processes and the theoretical as well as the practical approaches in development of solutions to world issues. The program has both core and elective modules; students can choose their area of specialization depending on their personal career goals and intellectual interest. Areas of specialization include: development and inequality, foreign policy, security, diplomacy, the environment, religion, financial crises, the economy, migration and cultural identity as well as human rights.

The masters program also gives the students an opportunity to analyze the various players in the global environment and their inputs to the solutions of the world problems. These players include: governments, international institutions, social movements, private players and the civil society. Therefore, the students can take classes in a range of fields including regional and international relations. The graduates can take up job offers in a variety fields such as: foreign policy, academia, law and the government.