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47 Master Programs in Education Teaching Language Teaching 2024



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Master Programs in Education Teaching Language Teaching

A master's degree is usually a multi-year program focusing on a specific subject. These programs are often used as a refinement of bachelor's studies, and as such, they tend to require applicants to have completed an undergraduate degree.

What is a Master in Language Teaching? These education courses tend to focus on the teaching of foreign languages. There are numerous certifications also available to prospective foreign language teachers, and these courses are usually held at a much higher academic level, often taking place over the course of two to three years. Students could expect to encounter classes engaging in extensive research as well as those fostering development of practical teaching skills. Common courses include test design, professional practice, pedagogy and education of other teachers. These courses are usually available at a variety of institutions, both online and in traditional classroom formats.

One might expect to travel abroad after graduating from such a program, if one wished, as the knowledge obtained in these courses is usually specifically geared towards teaching in foreign countries. Skills obtained in graduate school, such as keeping a schedule, making deadlines and showing up for appointments, are often hallmarks of success in any venture.

Investigate the tuition costs at several institutions before moving ahead with applications. The scale of your investment is likely to vary from one institution or educational facility to the next.

After obtaining a Master in Language Teaching, a graduate might go on to become an academic researcher, school administrator or foreign language teacher. Researchers often use their knowledge and organizational skills to investigate and solve problems in education. Administrators might guide schools or instruct fellow teachers. Teachers themselves often travel around the world to instruct students in language.

The process of finding a program is usually quite extensive, so start as soon as is practical. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.