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105 Master Programs in Turkey for 2024



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Master Programs in Turkey

Turkey is a very curious case from the historical, cultural and political point of view. This is a country that on one hand stays in Asia and has a rich heritage of Asian cultural traditions, but on the other hand makes long strides towards the European community and craves for integration with the Western culture. A Master in Turkey is an excellent opportunity to combine high quality education with history and culture.

There are over 100 universities in Turkey, some of them state universities, some of them private, but in any case they aim to meet the highest European standards, offering world class Master in Turkey programs. The major universities are situated in dynamic and colorful cities in Turkey. Turkish universities participate actively in the Erasmus program of the European Commission, which ensures a strong flow of international students and educational exchange opportunities. Some of the strong Master in Turkey programs are in biotechnology, nuclear technologies, IT, agriculture and forestry, as well as health, minerals and defense. There are dozens of research institutes and organizations with a significant potential, that can offer a great career opportunity for anybody who is interested in an active scientific life and career, as well as in studying and working in a country which literally stands on the border between the East and the West and balances successfully a great variety of cultural and scientific aspects in education.

Are you searching for a possibility of taking a Master in Turkey? Then just scroll down and have a look at the great study possibilities offered by some of the leading universities offering Master in Turkey programs!