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192 MSc Programs in Economic Studies Accounting 2024



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MSc Programs in Economic Studies Accounting

A Master of Science gives the graduate many opportunities to obtain the specific skills they need for success in their chosen field of employment. They learn research skills and develop the understanding they need to work in many professional positions. The MSc in Accounting can provide access to the specific knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to obtain lucrative employment opportunities.

An MSc in Accounting typically prepares students through financial statement analysis courses, strategic cost analysis, advanced auditing, business strategy, tax strategies, economics, statistics, and many relevant electives. The courses will prepare students to fill jobs that require business strategy, consultation, business management, decision-making, and more. Other areas such as financial reporting and analysis may also be part of this program. The technical and practical aspects of accounting responsibilities will be covered throughout the course of the program.

Accountants often benefit from higher degrees. More education often translates into better pay and higher level positions. The master’s program prepares students for the CPA Exam and other evaluations that employers may have in mind. In addition to these benefits, the student often obtains management training, information about opening their own businesses, and a foundation for a wide variety of careers.

The cost of participation in an MSc in Accounting is not the same from one school to another. The cost will also vary across countries. The investment required to participate in the program should be taken into consideration when choosing a school, but should not be the only consideration.

Most of the careers available upon completion of this program are related directly to the accounting field, such as Chartered Accounting, tax work for corporations, and work for the law enforcement or other government agencies. Some of the job titles for graduates include chief financial officer, controller, certified public accountant, auditor, investigative accountant, and personal financial planner.

As you work to determine which university is most appropriate for your situation, take some time to browse through the comprehensive database. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.