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37 MSc Programs in Economic Studies Banking 2024



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MSc Programs in Economic Studies Banking

The chance to earn an MSc in Administration is a great opportunity for students who intend to pursue careers that have an impact. This advanced degree is for those who enjoy the challenges presented by complex management problems, who want to play an active role in international business, and who hope to have a hand in shaping the future.

An MSc in Administration provides graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to face the rapid changes in the world of administration, for whichever area of specialty students select. The required courses vary by area of specialty. For a degree such as MSc in Health Systems and Administration, courses may include data analysis, breakthrough thinking, health systems policy and law, and service leadership. A program like the International MSc in Business Administration will include courses such as strategic management, corporate social responsibility and ethics, and international experiences.  Courses are often divided into categories such as substantive courses, methodological courses, advanced research seminars, and thesis preparation.

Completion of this advanced degree often results in the important development of leadership skills, especially in the business situations that will take place after graduation. Another important benefit is the development of a business relationship network. These networks are useful resources after graduation. With the right degree, the graduate will have access to many prestigious companies, better job positions, and comfortably high salaries.

The cost of participating in an MSc in Administration may vary from one school to another. The cost of tuition, supplies, and other related expenses will also vary from one country to another.

The career opportunities available to graduates from the program include administrator positions in hospitals to large corporations, clinical managers and consultants, human resource management positions, economics, international economic relations, and many other areas of the business world.

In order to access these business opportunities, you’ll need to find the right program. With our comprehensive database, you’ll have access to descriptions of the programs offered by universities around the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.