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    MSc Programs in Engineering Studies Chemical Engineering

    A Master of Science degree is the first step for those who want to pursue postgraduate studies in chemical engineering or another field. These degrees are essential for many people who want to advance in careers related to science, engineering, and medicine. Masters of Science degrees are obtained in addition to undergraduate Bachelors degrees, usually though several additional years of study either online or in the classroom.

    Those wondering, “What is an MSc in Chemical Engineering?” should think of the field as a bridge between the experimental sciences and their real-world applications. Chemical engineers must not only know the latest advances in the field of chemistry, but also be aware of the problems that they have the potential to solve. A variety of areas of study exist, such as microelectronics, sustainable development, CO2 capture, biomedicine, solar energy, thermodynamics, reaction engineering, cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, modeling, and many others.

    An MSc in Chemical Engineering allows students to further specialize their areas of expertise in the field. In addition, many of the top labs and research institutions around the country require employees to have completed post graduate studies. Postgraduate work also gives students access to new equipment and resources that they may not have had while working towards their undergraduate degrees.

    The cost of an MSc in Chemical Engineering varies between institutions, though it generally takes between two and three years to complete. Remember to factor in books and lab fees when calculating the total cost of the degree.

    Individuals with a degree in chemical engineering usually work in research and development either in the government or private sector. Those with a focus on industry usually work in labs, while those with a focus in environmental topics might work for the government or an NGO.

    Getting your MSc in Chemical Engineering online is a great choice for students around the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form