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88 MSc Programs in Natural Sciences Earth Science 2024



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MSc Programs in Natural Sciences Earth Science

Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree can take advantage of a variety of specialized master's programs that provide in-depth training in their field of choice. For those interested in a career in science, a Master of Science (MSc) develops practical skills that can be applied in both the private and public sectors.

What is an MSc in Earth Sciences? This degree provides insight into a number of disciplines; oceanography, hydrology, geology, volcanology, geomagnetism, soil science, and astronomy are all components of a robust graduate program in the subject. With this multi-disciplinary approach, students learn about the earth as a comprehensive system instead of isolated processes and fields.

With an advanced degree in Earth sciences, graduates can further their careers while providing a real impact to the world around them. Comprehensive knowledge of a variety of Earth's systems allows students the unique advantage of applying information from across disciplines, and it can be practically applied at careers in environmental consulting, energy industries, and mining.

There are a number of institutions that offer Earth sciences programs, with varying tuition fees and costs. Interested students should contact schools directly in order to best compare the cost of a Master in Earth Science.

Outside of academia, graduates can choose from a wide variety of careers informed by their specific interests and the academic focus of their degree. Oil and mining operations are a popular and lucrative career path for individuals with an MSc in Earth Sciences. Non-profit and government agencies also provide job opportunities for Earth scientists, such as environmental planning, naturalist, or conservation work. These occupations provide a positive impact to communities, and many graduates find them to be a rewarding way to use their degree.

There are a number of international programs in Earth sciences, and the subsequent online database is a great place for prospective students to begin researching universities. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.