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66 MSc Programs in Environmental Studies Environmental Sustainability 2024



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    MSc Programs in Environmental Studies Environmental Sustainability

    Students who have completed a Bachelor of Science may decide to continue their education through a Master of Science. This postgraduate program takes about two years to complete and typically focuses on specifics of science-related fields.

    What is an MSc in Environmental Sustainability? This type of program tends to delve into complex challenges, such as food security, climate change and biodiversity loss, in sustainability. Courses may teach students how to apply sustainability methods to buildings, the waste sector and property development. The courses required can vary by institution, but may include sustainable water resources management, renewable energy finance and environmental law, building performance, integrated management systems, sustainable building design, waste management and sustainable energy technologies.

    The courses in a master’s program focusing on environmental sustainability tend to prepare students to analyze and develop sustainability solutions. These skills make graduates great candidates for high-level jobs in an environmental field. Students may also improve their communication skills, which can be beneficial for every aspect of life.

    The tuition of a master’s program is not the same at every institution. Typically, the cost depends on the location of the school, duration of the program and mode of the classes. It’s a good idea to contact a school directly to learn about the exact costs.

    Because environmental sustainability is an important aspect of so many career paths, graduates can have a lot of opportunities. Some students may go on to become consulting engineers, housing association specialists, architects, environmental policymakers or quantity surveyors. A person’s education and work history may affect the job opportunities available. Students who want positions with even more responsibilities may decide to pursue a PhD after completing their MSc in Environmental Sustainability.

    Students interested in learning more about environmental sustainability can find programs at a variety of institutions around the world. Some courses may be available online or on campus. The application process is easy. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.