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35 MSc Programs in Executive courses Horticulture 2024



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MSc Programs in Executive courses Horticulture

A Master of Science is a postgraduate degree that dives deeper into subjects within science and technology. Shortened to MSc, this degree is awarded after one to three years of study, depending on your course load and chosen school.

What is an MSc in Horticulture? This degree goes into the biological aspect of harvested plants, including how best to breed, grow, harvest, store, and ship fruits, vegetables, and decorative plants. Some programs require studying postharvest biology and statistics, while others are more focused on environmentally sound practices and protecting food sources. Expect to complete this degree with a deeper understanding of where your produce comes from.

Resource management, attention to detail, and food hygiene are three skills you may gain while studying horticulture. Managing resources, such as time, and paying attention to the little things can increase your productivity. Food hygiene can help you extend the life of your own produce.

To determine the cost of an MSc in Horticulture, consider where your school is located and whether you will be moving to that location or studying online. Other costs may include registration and book purchases, which you can sometimes find out about in advance.

With a degree in horticulture, you can apply for jobs in pest control, arboreal management, landscaping, and plant breeding, to name a few. If you focus on preharvest technology, you could look for jobs such as harvest management and tool production. With a postharvest focus, look for careers in distribution and storage. Finally, with an environmental focus, you can look for jobs in plant protection, sustainability, and international aid.

Multiple schools around the world have horticulture departments with multiple focuses to choose from. This gives you a lot of options when pursuing your degree. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.