The main tasks of the faculty are to train and educate teachers for primary and lower secondary schools, and, in some fields, for upper secondary schools. The faculty also organizes the study of special and social pedagogy. The faculty teaches courses in all degree programs: the Bachelor, Follow-up Master, Master and Doctoral programs. The range of degrees offered includes specialization and retraining programs, short-term training courses, and lifelong studies, which response to the needs of pedagogical practice through its supplementary extension.

Professional Opportunities for Graduates from the Faculty of Education:

Bachelor Program Graduates

  • Work as a teaching assistant to a teacher at primary and lower secondary schools
  • Work as instructors in leisure centers
  • Graduate with the tools needed for socially-educative work with people of all ages and from all social groups
  • Graduate with the knowledge of how to educate children with special needs through special education in special kindergartens and school facilities

Master Program Graduates Acquire a teacher qualification in a chosen specialization for elementary, lower secondary and secondary schools and schools for learners with special study needs Doctoral Program Graduates

  • Work as academic staff at universities – in the fields of pedagogy, special education and research in education
  • Gain professional careers in the public sector or in company management

History and the present

The history of the Faculty of Education (formerly the Teaching Faculty) is very rich. Below you will find the most important events that influenced the development of the faculty up until today. History of the faculty in dates

  • 1918 Establishment of the faculty of education (or teaching faculty) was discussed for the first time as part of preparation of the Act at Masaryk University.
  • 1945 Decree of the President of the Czechoslovak Republic on education of teachers No 132/1945 Coll. was issued.
  • 1946 The Faculty of Education, MU was founded; its first Dean was František Trávníček.
  • 1948 First professors of the faculty were appointed
  • 1950 Long-distance study was arranged for teachers in active service.
  • 1953 Detachment of the faculty from the university and its reorganization into the Higher School of Education in Brno.
  • 1959 Transformation of the Higher School of Education into the Teacher Training College in Brno.
  • 1964 Restoration of the Faculty of Education.
  • 1977 Reform of study – introduced study of teaching subjects of general education for secondary schools as well.
  • 1982 Graduation ceremony of the first doctor honoris causa of the faculty – Olga Danilovna Mitrofanova.
  • 1995 Ceremonial opening of the new building at Poříčí 9/11, the first building built for the faculty.
  • 2005 Installation of a photovoltaic power station on the building at Poříčí 31.

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Masaryk University Faculty of Education

The Department of English Language and Literature aims to provide high quality, liberal education for future teachers of English in an inspiring, challenging and producti ... [+]

Application deadline is extended until May 31st, 2017

Main contact: doc. Mgr. Světlana Hanušová, Ph.D. (Head of English Department, Faculty of Education)

The program is designed to provide education for teachers of the English language. The curriculum includes courses in the areas of practical language, linguistics, literature and culture, and ELT methodology. Emphasis is put on the methodological implications of all the disciplines and their practical application to the students’ teaching practice at lower secondary schools.

The host department is the Department of English Language and Literature and it offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

Graduates are able to Use spoken and written English language at a C1+ level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and apply the acquired knowledge in their own teaching. Understand the essentials of main linguistic fields. Analyze literary texts and use them creatively in their own teaching Choose and critically evaluate relevant teaching materials for lower secondary schools and design their own materials. Plan lessons, and combine various methods and forms of teaching including current approaches (project teaching, e-learning), and assess them critically. Career prospects ... [-]
Czech Republic Brno
September 2019
4 semesters
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