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IAS College, former International Academy of Students (IAS), is a German Institute providing foreign students programs as follows. We offer programs for Medical Doctors in Germany, Engineering in Germany, Management students, Nursing in Germany & for school students those who would like to pursue their Bachelor Studies in Germany. Many of the study programs also enable students to pursue further studies/education in Germany.

IAS Campuses are situated in Schwerin and Wismar, Germany. The admission office is based in Lübeck, Germany. Furthermore, there are partner offices in various countries around the world to counsel students in their home country.

In Schwerin, the study programs ICPF Tech and ICPF Med ( accredited by Allensbach University, offering 60+ credit points each) are offered by the competence center consisting of IAS College as the presence institute and Allensbach University.

IAS College in cooperation with Designschule Schwerin offers AQUAS -Academic Qualification for University of Applied Sciences a program, which qualifies foreign students to Study Bachelors in Germany. After successful completing AQUAS participants have the choice between a wide range of study subjects at all of the German Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen). Applicants those who have completed the minimum 10th class and has minimum 1 year (11th class) or 2 years (12th class) of schooling or completed 2 or 3 years of polytechnic training apply for AQUAS.

At IAS Campus in Wismar licensing programs - education and adaptation for foreign nurses are conducted, together with bb Gesellschaft für Beruf und Bildung: PAP 15 months as adaptation program for qualified nurses from abroad and PAP 3,5 years for applicants having finished schooling in their home country and want to start nursing training in Germany.

At Fergussen College, Pune, India - IAS College provides cooperation with Deccan Educational Society (DES), Indian students the possibility to join language and cultural programs in India at our German Center. After successful completion of the courses or levels, participants get direct admission to programs offered by IAS College and its partners in Germany.

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