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Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) was founded in 1920 and is today considered as one of the most competitive universities, at the European level, in the fields of Economics, Business Administration, Informatics, Statistics, Marketing, Accounting, and Finance. Nearly a century after its establishment, AUEB continues to transmit knowledge in the scientific fields it fosters, to promote effective and innovative management practices, and to contribute to the development of the Greek and the international community, with a view towards the balance between excellence and social contribution. Every year more than a thousand students graduate from the University. AUEB has a total of more than 26,000 graduates, who constitute a driving force not only in the Greek but also in the international Economy and Management. Furthermore, AUEB ranks among the highest in the preferences of potential students each year in the disciplines it addresses. The goal of AUEB is not only to provide its students with theoretical knowledge in conjunction with modern analytical tools but also to provide them the opportunity to develop their personal skills, such as critical thinking and individual initiative. Combining tradition with innovation and research with application, focused on quality and extroversion, and being responsive to the needs of society, AUEB enjoys an outstanding reputation stemming from the high level of teaching it offers and the provision of modern academic programs that incorporate the latest international developments, based on the requirements of today’s labor market. “…The goal of our University is to serve as a center of education and scientific excellence, democracy, meritocracy, extroversion, transparency and social accountability, and as a source of intellectual wealth for our country, especially in these difficult times that Greece is going through. We want our students to acquire the best scientific training possible, which will enable them to become successful professionals in Europe and worldwide. Simultaneously, despite its limited financial capacity, AUEB offers its students a host of cultural, athletic and other activities and services, contributing to the fullest possible extent to their well-rounded personal development. We endeavor to develop an on-going relationship with our students. By maintaining and further developing long-term and close cooperation with the Greek business world, AUEB facilitates and supports, through its services, the career placements of its graduates. With a strong sense of responsibility, AUEB contributes decisively to the creation of the most important resource a country can have: its human capital…” Professor Konstantine Gatsios, Rector Extract from the Rector’s greeting



Athens University of Economics and Business
76, Patission Str.

10434 Athens, Central Athens, Greece

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