Collegio Carlo Alberto


The Collegio Carlo Alberto is a foundation created in 2004 at the joint initiative of the Compagnia di San Paolo and the University of Torino. Its mission is to foster research and education in the social sciences, in accordance with the values and practices of the international academic community. English is the official operating language of the Collegio. As the Collegio's mission makes clear, we deem research and education as equally important, since at a high level they cannot exist without each other. The Collegio undertakes both with a distinctly outward perspective, adhering to the standards of the international academic community. Our educational objective is to prepare undergraduate and Master’s students who can either enter the professional world with recognized and prized skills and adapt quickly to an ever-changing economic environment, or pursue a career in research in the world’s best Ph.D. programs. Our research objective is to contribute to policy design for the economy and for other areas of public policy with research at a level comparable to the world’s top departments and research centers. Our emphasis on excellence in research motivated the institution of the Carlo Alberto Medal, a recognition awarded to an Italian economist under the age of 40 (resident in Italy or abroad) for outstanding research contributions to the field of Economics (broadly defined). At the undergraduate level, we organize the "Allievi" Honors Program, open to students of the University and the Politecnico of Torino, which aims to greatly deepen their knowledge and understanding of Economics and its investigative tools. At the graduate level, we organize four Master’s degree programs: in Economics, in Data Science for Complex Economic Systems, in Finance, Insurance and Risk Management and the program in Public Policy and Social Change (the latter two in collaboration with the University of Torino). The Collegio also hosts and supports two Doctoral Programs of the University of Torino. Some events, particularly the Collegio Aperto lectures, are addressed to the general public. Other, like our Distinguished Scientific Lectures, is addressed to a broad audience of social scientists, students, and practitioners. Finally, our seminars and conferences are geared toward an audience of academics and students in specific disciplines. Since 2006 the Collegio has hosted hundreds of prominent speakers, including Nobel laureates, leaders of financial institutions, authors and entrepreneurs.



Collegio Carlo Alberto

Collegio Carlo Alberto,
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