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International Cinema Academy is attended by aspiring actors aged 15 to 65 who want to realize their dream.

ICA is for all those who intend to realize their dream of becoming professional actors, for those who want to appear, for all professionals who want to improve the art of speaking and public speaking or simply for those who wish to strengthen their personality.

ICA is the school to solve your needs for acting training, for film and television acting and performing arts in general, with practice on the set, with final orientation and real contacts with the world of work.115058_action-clapper-film-director-1117132.jpg

To access the annual ICA courses it is necessary

  • hold a junior high school diploma.
  • learn the Italian language. (*) Non-Italian candidates must certify their possession of this requirement.
  • two passport-size photographs
  • a curriculum vitae
  • simple copy of the qualification or self-certification
  • pass the selection ..!

Candidates will be assessed individually to access the ICA actor course. The evaluation includes: a short written test, a short video shoot and an informative interview to help potential students make a conscious educational choice that measures passion and personal talent with the skills to be acquired to become true professionals of the show. All completely free and without commitment. During the interview the candidates will be informed in detail about the entire training course and the related cost.

"Whatever you do or dream of doing, start doing it ... in the audacity there is genius, power and magic."115059_audience-band-blur-1870438.jpg

Programs taught in:
  • Italian

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