Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences


From January 1st, 2017 Hedmark University of Applied Sciences and Lillehammer University College are merged into the new institution Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University).

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INN University operates on six campuses in south-eastern Norway: Blæstad, Elverum, Evenstad, Hamar, Lillehammer and Rena and has approximately 13 000 students and 952 employees.

Our new institution offers 35 one-year study programs, 52 Bachelor programs, 31 Master programs, and 4 Ph.D. programs (plus one in cooperation with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology) in addition to a number of Teacher education and further education programs.

Our academic offer covers a vast number of subject areas: ecology and agricultural sciences, psychology, sports, law, music, pedagogy, health sciences, social sciences, teacher education, language and literature, biotechnology, film, tv and culture, tourism, animation and game sciences, economics, leadership, and innovation.



Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
PO Box 400

2418 Elverum, Innlandet, Norway

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