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About us?

International Montessori Institute (IMI) is a center specialized in Montessori Education with a clear objective: to offer a classic and rigorous Montessori training based on the original sources of Dr. Maria Montessori adapted to current educational needs, bringing together in a single training center what Best of the Italian and Anglo-Saxon tradition.

To do this, we selected trainers from both profiles, thus offering our students a broad and unique view of Montessori Education.

Our teaching staff has been carefully selected for its extensive international experience, with the aim of transmitting all the wealth of the Montessori Method.

This interesting combination makes IMI a unique Montessorian meeting point in the world, which generates an inter-Montessori dialogue that ensures fidelity to the ideas and vision of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Our mission

At IMI we want the Montessori pedagogy to reach the public school. Our purpose is that all children can learn through this method. A Montessori classroom is a prepared environment, where children interact and develop their potential. Children become the center of everything. The learning rhythms are different, therefore, the activities must be focused on that rhythm, so they must be individualized.

Our vision

Our links with different public and private organizations, both national and international, are increasingly firm, which encourages us to continue collaborating actively in the creation of innovative training. One of our greatest challenges is to reinforce our presence at a national level and, in turn, to increase our presence internationally. For this, in addition to our online training, we conduct seminars and face-to-face training in different countries and continents. The implementation of new training in different languages, English, Italian and soon Portuguese, will empower us to transmit the Montessori method beyond our borders.

Our values

The ethical principles on which the culture of our center is based, and mark our guidelines of behavior, are the same as Dr. Montessori postulated in life. For this reason, our main concern is children. We believe in a society based on cohesion. A society that is based on values learned from childhood with an educational system that positions the child as a center, conferring security and self-confidence; providing the necessary tools for it to develop fully.

The quality of our training and the flexibility of new technologies have made us the center of reference in which to train in Montessori pedagogy. Thanks to a magnificent faculty and a human team willing to offer the best of themselves, IMI is now a safe bet.

Since the opening of the first Montessori school in Rome, in 1907, Montessori education has expanded to such an extent that there are now more than 25,000 Montessori schools around the world. Maria Montessori transformed education by creating pedagogical materials that favor learning and focus on the idea that if something has to change it must be the school, not the child.

All our students can benefit from the job offers published in the Employment Portal of our Virtual Campus that we receive from different Montessori centers in all the countries of the world.

During 2017 we had the pleasure and privilege of having more than 1700 new students who have passed through our classrooms of different face-to-face, blended and online training. Students from different backgrounds such as: Asia, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Germany, France, England, etc. And, of course, the entire national territory.

Likewise, most of our students, before finishing their training period, practice in different national and international Montessori centers such as Hong Kong, Dubai, Mexico, the United States, Argentina, France and Germany, etc.

Collaborating Centers and Organizations

What is Montessori?

  • The impact of movement on learning: Significant movement is an aid to learning and improves the ability to retain concepts; the use of the hands is a magnificent channel of information input to the brain.
  • The choice and the perceived control: Any learning is deeper and easier when people choose what we want to learn and we can monitor that learning.
  • Prizes and extrinsic motivation interfere in learning: It is the intrinsic motivation of the person that is positive and we must encourage.
  • Learning from peers facilitates understanding: Peer dialogue is a very powerful key for both the learner and the learner.
  • Significant learning contexts: Any academic subject can be treated in a meaningful way and this improves the intensity of what has been learned.
  • Education should promote above all the development of our executive functions: (Plan, decide, imagine, self-correct, have self-awareness or choose strategies among others); this is only possible with the real practice of these skills.
  • The order in the environment (physical, temporal, etc.) helps to build an orderly brain.
  • Many other elements that make Montessori education, such as the importance of the physical order to build a mental order, or the importance of stress elimination, among others, have been validated as essential for a healthy and balanced development.



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“Istituto Comprensivo Bruno Munari”, Casa de Niños.
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Universitat de Barcelona–Facultat d'Educació, Campus de Mundet, Universitat de Barcelona, Passeig de la Vall d'Hebron, 171
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Universitat de Barcelona–Facultat d'Educació, Campus de Mundet, Universitat de Barcelona, Passeig de la Vall d'Hebron, 171
08035 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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