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The University of Borås has approximately 11 000 students and 730 employees. In collaboration with the public and private sectors, we conduct education and research of high international quality with great societal relevance. We are a modern university with a central campus in the centre of the city.

We manage educations in Library and Information Studies, Business and Informatics, Fashion and Textile Studies, Behavioural and Education Sciences, Engineering and Health Sciences. Several of our educations can only be found here with us and this attracts students from all over Sweden.

The University of Borås has the front edge on several exciting research projects. The two most important ones are "Resource Recovery" from waste and "Smart Textiles", both of which build on regional success-factors and close co-operation with regional companies and research organizations. How about making ethanol from used jeans or fabrics that can change colour when with thermochromic inks, garments which measure muscular frequency and knitted stents.

The University of Borås is a member of the European University Association (EUA). EUA represents and supports higher education institutions in 46 countries, providing them with a unique forum to cooperate and keep abreast of the latest trends in higher education and research policies.

Goals and visions

The University of Borås's concept is being an innovative professions seat of learning which, in cooperation with the business sphere and the public sector, conducts education and research of high international quality with social relevance. On the basis of a direction focusing on qualified professions, settled upon when the University was founded in 1977, the University of Borås has formulated the goal of becoming the first professions seat of learning. Such a university is characterised by systematic cooperation with the companies and authorities of the surrounding society, what we call partnership. Education and research is not a one-sided commitment for the University of Borås but is planned, carried out and evaluated in cooperation with our partners. The professions' competence needs, their development and problems take centre stage.

An important part of the idea of a University of professions is the development of new forms of examination. The University of Borås wants to create educational programmes with the degree of master of professions and doctor of professions in the Swedish system of examination.We see the realisation of the University of professions as not only a question of a government decision but primarily as a gradual quality and profiling process. An important stop on that path is the establishment of a new area of professions, a seventh department, at the seat of learning. The University is working hard at establishing educational programmes focusing on risk, security and safety aspects. In January 2019 an academic police training programme will start at the University of Borås.



University of Borås

University of Borås
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